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Related post: Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 10:35:12 -0500 From: numlfl Subject: The Rich Little Home Builders - Part SixThis story is the property of the author. You may keep a copy on your computer for personal enjoyment, however if you wish to publish or distribute the story then you must get the permission of the author.The Rich Little Home Builders Part SixBy Chris While Daphne was lost in the euphoria of her orgasm, Christine led her to the bed, laying her down. She pulled Daphne's jeans on off then she moved her to the center of the bed. Before Daphne could get it back together, Christine quickly shed her jeans and panties. She got up on the bed giving Daphne a quick kiss to the lips. Then she turned around so that her head was facing Daphne's feet. teenie top list She put her knees to each side of Daphne's shoulders. She lowered her mouth to Daphne's pussy and began to lick up Daphne's girlcum. "I think I was the one that was supposed to be doing that to you." Daphne said in a lusty voice. "I decided otherwise." Christine said proudly as she stopped licking Daphne's pussy just long enough to say that. "So you did." Daphne said then Christine felt Daphne's tongue on her pussy as she began to lick her. Christine let out a moan incest toons top list as this was something that she needed so badly. Her pussy was dripping wet and Daphne was doing her best to catch up. Christine went back to licking Daphne's pussy as she used her fingers to open her lips up. Daphne was licking deep between her lips making Christine moan out her pleasure. Christine was so excited that once Daphne began to rub her clit with her thumb, she felt her first orgasm course through her body. Christine flooded Daphne's mouth with her girlcum as she came hard. She kept her mouth on Daphne's pussy moaning as she came and those vibrations caused Daphne to cum again. She recovered just a moment before Daphne did, so she went back to licking on Daphne's pussy then she pushed a couple of fingers into Daphne's pussy, starting to fuck her. Soon Christine felt a couple of fingers enter her tight pussy and she moaned. They finger fucked each other as they each licked top list preeten the other's clits. As sensitive as they both were it didn't take them long to bring each other off. When Christine recovered, she found that she was now lying on her back and Daphne had assumed the more dominate position. She reached up, pulling Daphne's pussy to her mouth and she began to lick again. She was able to get three fingers into Daphne's pussy this time as she began to fuck her. Daphne moaned aloud as pissing top list she felt those fingers entering her pussy. Christine could feel Daphne's pussy grip her fingers hard as she fucked her. Christine pushed her fingers in deep moving them around inside of her. Daphne pushed her ass back to get more of those fingers inside of her. Christine soon felt Daphne's fingers at her pussy and they went in deep. First there were two but as wet as she was, Daphne soon had three fingers in her tight pussy. Christine felt her pussy lips really being stretched and it felt so fucking good. They both just finger fucked each other for a few minutes as their pussies leaked out their juices. Christine was the first to go to Daphne's clit however Daphne wasn't far behind of her. This time they both had a very intense orgasm that left them both out of breath and exhausted. When Christine finally recovered, she saw all the girlcum coming from Daphne's pussy. She withdrew her fingers licking them clean before going back to Daphne's pussy to begin to clean her up. Daphne let out top list non nude a moan then she too began to lick up at Christine's pussy. Christine groan as her pussy was so sensitive but she wasn't about to underground top list illegal make Daphne stop nor was she stopping licking at Daphne's swollen sensitive pussy lips. They both were groaning as much as they were moaning as they licked each other to one last orgasm which they both let go with the most girlcum that either had ever let go before. "No more," Christine cried as she recovered from her orgasm. "I think we both punished the other equally." Daphne said as she got up and lay back down beside of Christine. "Yes we did and it was so much fun." Christine said giving Daphne a kiss tasting her own juices on Daphne's face and lips. "Oh yes," Daphne said kissing her again. Christine then turned over onto her other side, holding up her top arm so that Daphne could circle her waist with her arm and pull her into their natural sleeping position. Christine closed her eyes as she felt Daphne pull her in close. She sort of heard Daphne telling her "Goodnight" but she wasn't sure as she was already asleep. Christine woke up first, she looked at the clock and saw that it was already a little nudist pink top list past noon. She slipped from Daphne's arms, giving her a kiss in the cheek before getting out of bed. She went to the bathroom to pee and clean up a bit as her hair was a mess and she had Daphne's juices all over her face. She washed her face and ran one of Daphne's brushes through her hair getting it halfway back in place. She started to go back into the bedroom to get dressed but she didn't want to wake Daphne so she went on toward the kitchen naked since there wasn't anyone around to see her except Daphne. She passed by the spare bedroom not thinking about why the door was closed or if there was anyone there. Her mind was completely on what she and Daphne had done the night before and how good it made her feel. She had a big smile on her face as she went on into the kitchen. She got out the tea pot to heat some water so she could make Daphne and her some tea. She then went and found some sweet rolls in the refrigerator turning on the oven so that she could heat them. She got the tea bags out and got them ready as she put the sweet rolls into the oven. It only took the rolls a few minutes to cook and they made the apartment smell great as Christine took them out of the oven. She put the icing on the top of the cinnamon rolls making it smell that much better. She knew that would make Daphne come running soon and when she heard footsteps, she knew she was right. However there was something wrong with the sound of Daphne's feet but she couldn't place what was wrong. She gave her ass a little wiggle for Daphne's benefit when she heard a strange voice say, "Now that's an ass to kill for." Christine was confused for a second then she remembered that Nora and Bonnie had spent the night and she had just heard Nora's voice and not Daphne's as she had expected. Christine turned around to see if her ears had heard right and she saw a smiling Nora and Bonnie in the doorway. "And tits to match." Bonnie said with a big grin on her face. "Oh shit!" Christine cried out as she tried to cover her tits and pussy with her hands. "What's wrong?" Daphne said as she came running into the kitchen only to see Christine trying to hide her nakedness. She then burst out laughing at Christine predicament. "Go get me a robe!" Christine yelled at her as she blushed from head to toe. "We'll get it." Bonnie said as she pulled Nora from the room. But Christine could hear them giggling as they went for the robe. "Something tells me that you forgot they were here." Daphne said as she came to Christine wrapping her in her arms. "It's your fault, you know." Christine told her as she let Daphne hold her and thus cover her erotic sex top list body. "And just how is it my fault?" Daphne asked as she started to pull back but Christine grabbed onto her tighter to prevent her from leaving her uncovered. "I was thinking about how we made love last night and completely forgot about Nora and Bonnie. So it's completely your fault." Christine told her. Daphne laughed at her then gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Here you go." Bonnie said as she gave Daphne the robe then she turned around so that Christine could put it on. "I sorry about this." Christine said once she got her body covered. "It's cool besides it'll give us something to kid you about for the next four years." Bonnie told her giving her a smile. "And please do forgive our comments about your body, the temptation was just too much for us to resist." Nora told her. "That's okay, I'm not sure I wouldn't have said the same thing if the situation was reversed." Christine said not that she had stopped being embarrassed however she could see the humor in what she had done. "Just what did they say about your body?" Daphne asked. "They said that I had a great ass and great tits." Christine told Daphne proudly. Then she top list cp porn turned to get the sweet rolls. "I don't know... I think we all need to check again to make sure they were right." Daphne said then she lifted the back of Christine's robe to the point that her ass showed. "Oh god I'm going to kill you!" Christine yelled at Daphne as she swatted her hand away. She then heard Both Nora and Bonnie laughing at them. "Watch it or you two will be next in my line of sight." Christine said pointing at them which only made them laugh more. "I'm sorry," Daphne said to her as she came back over to her to give her a kiss. "No kisses for you; you little turd." Christine told her as she turned to give her the tray of rolls. Daphne appeared hurt but she took the rolls putting them on the table as Christine got the tea. When she brought the tea to the table, she did give Daphne that kiss thus forgiving her. Then they all sat down to eat and talk. "So what are you two doing this afternoon?" Christine asked of Nora and Bonnie. "Oh we're going to the Stanford game. We get tickets for every home game" Nora lolta top list told her. "You all like football." Christine asked a little bit surprised. "Oh we love it, we both played on little league teams when we were little girls and we'd still be playing if they allowed girls to play." Bonnie told her proud of that fact. "There're girls football teams, even Stanford has one." Daphne told them. "No honey, not soccer, America football, you know with the weird looking ball and the pads and things." Christine corrected her. Daphne blushed a little as she said, "Oh yea, I keep forgetting that you all call football soccer here." adult webcam top lists "Have you ever seen a football game?" Bonnie asked. "Just on TV a little but never really watched it." Daphne told her. "Well do you both want to come with us; we can get you two student tickets." Nora asked. "I wouldn't have a clue as to what is happening on the field." Daphne said. "That's okay; we'll explain it to you and beside the fun is just going. There is so much to watch there, plus you'll get caught up in the excitement of the game. We actually have a chance to win today so it should be fun." Bonnie told 14yo free top list her. "Yea, you can watch your cheerleader friends." Christine told Daphne and she stuck her tongue out at her. "So you want to go?" Nora asked. "It'll be fun." "But I'm not a student here." Christine said. "Don't worry about that, you look like a student and beside they rarely check for student ID's. So you'll go?" Bonnie asked. Christine looked to Daphne who said, "It's up to you. I'll go anywhere you're going." "We'll go." Christine decided. "When is the game?" "It's at four so we need to get going." Nora said excitedly. "If it's at four then we got plenty of time." Daphne told her. "Oh we got to get there for all the pregame activities. Sometimes that is the best part of the game." Nora said as she got up putting up her saucer and cup then she got everyone's else's thus making her point that time was at a premium. "I think Nora is telling us to get our bloody arse's in gear." Daphne said with a laugh. "I think so." Christine replied with a laugh. Nora and Bonnie waited for Christine and Daphne to take a quick shower and then get dressed. They then went in Nora's car to their dorm where she and Bonnie had managed to get a room together. They grabbed their clothes then they took their showers. They came back to their room wearing robes which they both took off leaving them both naked in front of Christine and Daphne. They were obviously comfortable being naked around other women. Christine just had to ask about that and Nora told pink teens top list them that they both had played sports in high school so showering and being in a locker room naked with other girls around wasn't a big deal, it was something that they were used to. Christine admired this ability but Christine doubted that she would be comfortable being naked around anyone other than Daphne. Nora decked themselves in Stanford tee shirts and hats. Then they made Christine and Daphne put on some of their Stanford gear so that they would fit in with the other students there. Once top lists teen Christine and Daphne were dressed to Nora and Bonnie's satisfaction, they headed toward the stadium. Even though it was three hours until the game started, there was already a crowd there and the tailgating had begun in earnest. At first, Christine and Daphne felt out of place but Nora and Bonnie soon got them into the action. A bunch of the students were already there and there was a flag football game going on in a lawn near one of the buildings top list teen near the stadium. This was something that Nora and Bonnie always took part in. Christine and Daphne wanted to watch from the edge but Nora and Bonnie wasn't having any part of that. They went over and dragged them into the game. Nora and Bonnie always played on opposite teams which confused Christine at first as she figured that they would want to play on the same team. Christine ended up on Nora's team and Daphne was on Bonnie's team. They were all four put on the line to rush the passer or block for the runner and quarterback. Nora and Bonnie explained what they were suppose to do when the ball was snapped and it seemed to be pretty simple so Christine figured that she could handle her part. The summer of hard labor was about to pay off yet again. Christine was on offence first and she found herself lined up opposite of Daphne as Nora was lined up against Bonnie. The ball was snapped and Christine and Daphne copied what Nora and Bonnie were doing. Bonnie was trying to get to the quarterback who was going to pass the ball so they came together with Bonnie trying to get pass Nora. So Daphne did the same and Christine found herself grabbing onto Daphne trying to prevent her from getting past her. It was as she was hanging onto Daphne and they were pushing against each other that Christine realized why Nora and Bonnie played opposite each asien top liste kidssex other. Christine found that this was almost like foreplay before sex as she and Daphne wrestled against each other. As they pushed and pulled against each other the quarterback happen to run past Christine and Daphne. Daphne reached out grabbing the flag that was tucked into the waist band of his jeans. This ended the play and made Daphne the hero of the first play. Daphne waved the flag in front of Christine's face who stuck her tongue out at her as she snatched the flag away from her. This made Christine even more determined to beat Daphne the next play thus fueling the competiveness within her. The next play, Christine came out at Daphne with a vengeance and they ended up on the ground with Christine on top of her. "Get that damn flag this time." Christine said proudly as she gave Daphne a quick kiss as the play went on around them. Soon the ball switched hands and Christine was on defense and Daphne was trying to keep her off the runner or Quarterback. Daphne had gotten a flag and Christine was determined to do the same against Daphne so she tried her hardest. They were playing their own game within the game which made it so much fun for both of them. Christine never got her flag but it wasn't from lack of effort. She did come close a couple of times. Daphne never got another one but the fact that she got one and Christine didn't made for more than a little future ribbing from Daphne. The game went on for an hour or so before it broke up as the gates were to be opening soon. All four of them were soaked in sweat and their hair was a mess but they didn't care as they had loads of fun. They went over to watch the players walk into the stadium with the cheerleaders leading them. This was when Christine pointed out each and everyone to Daphne who took the ribbing in stride. Once inside the stadium, Christine got them all cokes and animal porn top lists hotdogs as that was what you were suppose to eat at ballgames or so she heard. They got there early so they had good seats in the student section which filled up rapidly. They talked to the each other and students around them until the game started. She and Daphne sat in between Nora and Bonnie so if either of them had a question about what was going on then they had someone they could ask. Christine knew a little more about football than Daphne but not much more. They both got into the game and cheered with the rest of the students even if they didn't know exactly what they were cheering for, but it was fun to whoop and holler with the rest of them. After the game, Nora and Bonnie drove them home and Daphne and Christine were finally alone again. They went in and took a shower first getting the sweat off of them and doing more than a little playing. Then they went into the bedroom for some lovemaking. They kissed and ls top list cuddle at first before settling into a sixty-nine position for some serious lovemaking. They got up to get them something to eat before heading back to bed for more lovemaking and some pillow talk before going to sleep. They slept late which Christine hated as she had a one o'clock flight back to the east coast. With the travel time plus the time difference, it would be late by the time she got home. Since she had to return her rental car, she would say her goodbye to Daphne at the apartment. "Now you'll be up to see me in two weeks right?" Christine asked but she was also telling her. "Unless I pull one of your numbers and come up next weekend." Daphne said as she gave her a wink. "You know we're going to have to get to the two week schedule that we both agreed to. We both need to spend some time studying. And besides if I come back in four weeks, we can attend another game." Christine told her. "That we can, so I'll see you in two weeks." Daphne told her, "However I will be on the phone and the internet a lot between now and then." "You had better be." Christine said as she moved in close giving Daphne a kiss and hugging her tightly. She then gave her a littel girls top list quick kiss before breaking away and getting into her car, taking off before she began to cry as she was already missing her. She called Daphne right before she got on the plane and then again when it landed. She had gotten most of her homework done on the plane going out to California and coming back. However after a shower, she spent a couple of more hours finishing up. She talked to Daphne a few minutes as she lay in bed, then she went to sleep wishing that Daphne was there holding her. They talked several times during the week as well as texting several times a day. Then on both Friday and Saturday they set up their expensive cams so that they could see each other as they talked. Christine enjoyed this so much as it made her miss teen sex top list Daphne a little less. They talked for most of both evenings only taking pee breaks during that time. Friday finally arrived again and this time Christine was at the airport to meet Daphne as she had a test that morning so she couldn't take the redeye out of California. Christine was waiting for her just outside of the security gate and she ran to her as she passed through. Daphne had to drop her carryon to catch Christine as she ran into her arms almost knocking her down. "I do believe that you missed me." Daphne whispered into her ear as she hugged her tightly. "Yes I did, did you miss me?" Christine asked as she pulled back so she could look into her eyes. "Yes I did my love." Daphne said as she gave her a light kiss on the lips. Christine smiled as she pulled back, taking Daphne's hand as Daphne picked up her carryon bag. "So how was the flight?" She asked. "Bumpy, I think the pilot aimed the airplane for every air pocket there was from there to here." Daphne complained. "Oh poor baby," Christine said as she gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Does that make it better?" "Wrong cheek, it was my arse that bounced off the seat the whole way here." Daphne told her with a grin. "Well that will have to wait until I get you home before I kiss you there." Christine said with a laugh. They got Daphne check on bag then headed out to Christine's car. On the way home, they stopped at a nice restaurant for some dinner since Daphne had to take a later flight thus getting to the airport around seven. They took their time and enjoyed their meal before taking a leisurely drive back to Princeton. "So what do you want to do?" Christine asked after they had both visited the bathroom to relieve their bladders. "Well the first thing you can do is fulfill your promise." Daphne told her. "What promise was that?" Christine asked confused as to what Daphne was alluding to as she didn't remember any promised that she had made to Daphne. "The promise you made to kiss me where I got hurt from the plane bouncing all the way across your bloody country." Daphne said with a little laugh. "Oh yes, that promise." Christine said as her cheeks blushed a bit. She came up to Daphne giving her a brief kiss on the lips before going down to her knees in front of her. She unsnapped Daphne's jeans as Daphne looked down, biting her lower lip. Christine unzipped them putting her hands to Daphne's sides pulling the jeans down leaving the panties in place. She noticed that there were the beginnings of moisture on the crotch of her brief cotton panties. She pulled the jeans on down helping Daphne to step out of them. She reached back up to Daphne's panties, pulling them down slowly. She saw Daphne's pubic hair come into view and she began to smell her arousal. Her pussy lips were the next to be exposed, showing the drops of womanly dew hanging from them. Christine wanted to dive right in but she didn't, when she glanced up at Daphne's eyes, she could see that was what Daphne wanted her to do. She pulled the panties down Daphne's firm legs to her ankles, helping her to incest galleries top list step out of them. pree teen top list She threw them out of the way. She then leaned in as if she was going to take a lick however she just got close enough to get a good whiff of Daphne's aroused state. "Mmmm..." She hummed out. She put her hands to Daphne's hips turning her around until she was facing Daphne's arse. She stared at Daphne's firm cheeks making her mouth water as well as making her pussy start to get wet. Christine placed her hands on Daphne's arse cheeks running them up and down, "Is this where you hurt baby?" She asked. "Oh yesss..." Daphne moaned out. "Then I guess I'd better do something to make it feel better hadn't I." Christine told her as she moved her right hand to Daphne's lower back. "Oh please do..." Daphne gasped out. She gently pushed and Daphne looked back at her with this questioning look. Christine pushed a little harder and a light bulb went off in Daphne's head as she smiled. Daphne began to bend over as Christine kept pushing. She had Daphne keep bending over until her hands were touching the floor. Daphne spread her feet out thus opening up her ass and letting her pussy show better. Christine saw how moist Daphne's pussy was and she so wanted to dive into the middle of it. However Christine wanted to take care of her promise first. Now that she had her positioned properly, she placed her hands on Daphne's hips. She leaned forward placing a kiss to the center of Daphne's right ass cheek. She heard a coo coming from Daphne. She moved her lips to the left cheek, kissing it in the center. She could smell Daphne's womanly scent. She glanced at the dew that was at Daphne's lips wanting to lick those lips clean however, she moved her mouth back to Daphne's right cheek, planting kisses up and down that cheek making Daphne wiggle her ass a little as well as making her leak more of her juices. As she moved her mouth back to the left cheek, she saw those juices and the urge to lick them up was even greater. She kissed her way up and down the left cheek, feeling the warm firm skin against her lips. She went back and forth between Daphne's ass cheeks giving both lots of kisses and making Daphne a mass of desire. She was moving her ass around as Christine kissed those cheeks. Christine's own pussy was soaking her panties and she had to reach down to rub her pussy through her jeans just to relieve a little of the itch that was becoming more and more demanding. She drew her head back looking at Daphne's ass seeing all the wet places that she had kissed her and saw to her satisfaction that there were very few dry areas. However that was one area left without any kisses. She hesitated for a second as she thought about what she was thinking of doing. She moved her mouth to the top of Daphne crack placing a light kiss there. She placed a kiss right below that one, slowly working her way downward. Soon she was just above Daphne's pink little rosebud. She didn't hesitate as she placed her lips upon that rosebud, holding them for just a moment before moving downward to the small stretch of skin between Daphne's asshole and pussy. She got a strong whiff of Daphne's pussy juice. She kissed the bottom of Daphne's pussy making Daphne suck in a big breath of air then she shivered as a small orgasm went through her body. Christine held her up as she kissed her way on down Daphne's pussy tasting her juices and the small amount of girlcum that had escaped when she top list porno teen had her small orgasm. Christine kept kissing Daphne's pussy until she got to her clit which was protruding from its little hood. This she gave a long kiss sucking a little as she kissed it. "Oh fuck, you're killing me." Daphne cried out. Christine smiled to herself before she let her tongue slip from between her lips and she began to lick Daphne's pussy lips. She licked and sucked all the juices from those engorged lips she then let her tongue go between those lips getting more juices and causing Daphne to push her ass back toward her mouth. Christine used her tongue to fuck her, getting it in as deep as she could. She then went back to licking and sucking on Daphne's lips giving them little bites as she did so. Daphne was letting out moans and coos as Christine licked and sucked on those lips. She stopped for a moment making Daphne groan so that she could turn around placing her head back between Daphne's legs. She moved her hands to Daphne's firm ass, gripping each cheek in her hands. She pushed her head deep into Daphne's pussy, kissing and licking her so that she could drink in those juices. She moved her mouth to Daphne's clit as she pushed two fingers into Daphne's pussy. She started to fuck her as sucked Daphne's clit into her mouth. She licked on the tip as she sucked hard. Her fingers were going in deep as she fucked that sweet pussy hard. When she bit down on the base of Daphne's clit, she felt her pussy clamp down on her fingers and she felt Daphne's girlcum coating her fingers that were still going in and out of that pussy. Daphne's knees gave out as her orgasm hit her full force. Christine was prepared for this as she grabbed Daphne at the waist, easing her down to the floor thus preventing her from hurting herself. Once Daphne was laying on her stomach, Christine went back to licking on the pussy that was basically laying on top of her face. Soon she felt Daphne starting to come around as sex top lists links she felt Daphne begin to rise up onto her knees keeping her pussy in contact with Christine's tongue. Christine looked up at Daphne's face seeing her smiling back down at her. Daphne slowly raised her pussy from Christine's tongue. "Is your arse all better now?" Christine just had to ask. "Oh I believe that you have made it feel great but I'm afraid that it might start hurting again later." Daphne said as she scooted top list tpg her knees stopping when her knees were at Christine's waist and she sat down on her upper thighs. "Well just let me know and I'll be more than happy to give your arse lots more kisses." Christine told her. "I'll keep that in mind." Daphne replied with a grin on her face. "But at the moment you have way too many clothes on and I do believe that I need to rectify that situation." Christine grinned as she watched Daphne hands come down to the top button of her blouse. Christine felt her heart pounding in her chest as the buttons were undone one by one by Daphne's fingers. When Daphne had the last button undone she pulled the sides apart revealing the lightweight cotton bra that she was wearing. This one unhooked in the front so Daphne placed her fingers at the clasp unhooking it. She pulled the cups from Christine breasts causing her to suck in her breath as she felt the cool air hit her rapidly hardening nipples. Daphne leaned down kissing the left then right nipple making Christine moan out her approval. Christine started to rise up on her elbows so that Daphne could finish taking her bra and blouse however Daphne put her fingers to Christine's shoulders pushing her back down. "Oh no, I'm the one in charge here." Daphne said as she wiggled her finger at her. "So sorry," Christine replied grinning, and then she lay back down to see what Daphne would do to her next. Daphne's fingers went to her nipples, letting them graze across them. Christine shivered as she felt her nipples get even harder. She felt Daphne's fingers grasp her hard nipples squeezing them and pulling upwards. "Ohhh..." Christine moaned as she arched her back to relieve the pressure on her nipples however Daphne just pulled up higher and harder making Christine teens sex top list squirm. She finally let go of her nipples and Christine felt the pain as the blood rushed back to them. Daphne leaned back down to kiss each nipple, moving her ass back some more. Daphne sat more on her own legs than Christine's as her fingers went to the top button of Daphne's jeans. She slowly opened the jeans and began to pull them down. Christine raised her hips up so that Daphne could pull her jeans off her hips then she raised her feet up so that Daphne could finish removing her jeans, leaving her in just her white cotton panties with a big damp spot on them. Daphne opened her legs slipping between them. Christine watched as Daphne leaned down to kiss her pussy through her panties. She kissed her way up and down her pussy before she began to lick her. It felt so strange but very arousing for Christine to have her pussy licked through her panties. She could nude top list feel how wet they were becoming between her juices and Daphne's saliva. She wanted Daphne to yank her panties off and get to her pussy for real but Daphne had already gotten on her for trying to help her out with what she was doing. Christine felt Daphne's hands going up her sides, stopping at her breasts. The fingers went to her nipples 3d porn top list giving them a pinch. She began to tease them with her fingernails as Christine twisted around. Daphne's tongue was going between her pussy lips pushing her panties inside of her. She then went up to her clit, sucking on it through her panties. Christine moaned as she felt Daphne biting on her clit as she was pulling up hard on her nipples. Christine felt her pussy beginning to convulse as she felt an orgasm rush up from her pussy to the rest of her body. When Christine opened her eyes, she found that she was looking up at Daphne's pussy which was dripping wet. She felt Daphne licking as her pussy which was no longer covered by her panties. Christine reached up to Daphne's ass pulling her pussy down to her mouth. She began to lick up those juices as Daphne was licking and sucking on her pussy lips. Christine moved her tongue down to Daphne's clit licking it for a few moments before slowly licking her way down Daphne's pussy, licking at the lips then inside. She kept going on down until she got to the bottom of Daphne's pussy. This time she didn't hesitate as she let her tongue keep going. She let her the flat of her tongue go across Daphne's asshole. She felt Daphne stop licking her pussy as she let out a moan. Christine liked that she was pleasing her lover so she let her tongue go back across that little puckered rosebud. She moved the tip of her tongue around the rim then she used the flat of her tongue to lick it some more. "Oh fuck love that feels top list illegal childrens so nice." Daphne cried out. Christine used her fingers to spread Daphne's cheeks apart so that she could lick her asshole better. Daphne was going lollita kds top list crazy as she rose up a little helping Christine out even more. Christine kept her tongue going across and around the cute little hole making Daphne squirm around above her. She felt Daphne moving and she knew that Daphne was rubbing her own clit and soon she felt Daphne's girlcum flood out over her chin. Daphne fell down onto her legs and Christine went down to Daphne's pussy to lick up that fresh girlcum. preeteen top list After a few minutes, Daphne got back up on her knees. Christine felt Daphne's hands on the back of her knees and she felt them being pulled upwards. Christine knew what Daphne was after so she raised her legs up until they are at Daphne's sides. She felt Daphne's fingers at her ass pulling her cheeks apart. She then felt Daphne's tongue on her pussy licking and sucking her way downward. She too didn't stop at the end of Christine's pussy but went on down. loita top list Christine felt Daphne's tongue go across her asshole and she cried out as it was top list nude so arousing. Daphne licked and rimmed her asshole as Christine had to stop licking Daphne's pussy just to enjoy what Daphne was doing to her asshole. She could now understand why Daphne got so excited when she did that to her. Daphne was really licking her asshole hard and Christine reached down between their bodies to get at her own clit. She was so fucking aroused by Daphne's licking of her asshole that it only took a few strokes of her fingers against her clit to make herself cum hard. When Christine came around, she felt Daphne's licking up her girlcum. She reached down to pull Daphne around. She smiled at Daphne staring into those lovely eyes before kissing her. "Do you think me nasty for what I did to you?" Christine asked hoping that Daphne didn't see her that way. "Yes I do." Daphne told her and that made Christine feel so bad until Daphne finished her thought after a slight pause. "But you're my nasty girl and I love you hairless gay top list for it." Then she kissed her. "I love you too and I'm glad that I'm your nasty girl." Christine said brightly. "I do hope that I'm your nasty girl too, as I licked your arsehole too." Daphne told her. "You're definitely my nasty girl." Christine said as she rolled over on top of Daphne, kissing her. "Good, now how about us heading to the bed and getting some sleep, you've about worn me out from those orgasms you gave me." Daphne told her. "And you've done the same to me." Christine told her, getting up off of her and then helping her up. They went first to the small kitchen to get something o drink before heading back non nude top list to the bedroom where they cuddled together. They talked about their week before kissing for a few minutes. Then Christine turned over to her other side letting Daphne pull her top list nudist free back against her body. She closed her eyes and was soon asleep feeling Daphne kissing the back of her neck. They slept late into the morning before waking up. They ate a small breakfast before heading out to Boston where Christine's lawyer's office was. His name was Cody McCoy and he was in his mid sixties. While still a full partner in the firm he nudism photo top list worked for, he was for the most part retired, just handling Christine's affairs and was Christine's family's personal lawyer. Christine and Daphne had been discussing since they had been in school, how they were going to help the people they had met during the summer like Rita and her sister. They had each transferred a million from their trust funds to set up a foundation. On today's agenda was to get Rita's sister Sharon's scholarship in place so she could go to college and to also hire a lawyer who would be an advocate for the people who needed legal advice but had no way to afford it. Cody had two people that they were going to have to interview. One was an experienced lawyer and another was someone who had taken her bar exam for the third time and had finally passed it. Cody had done all the hard work and had weeded out all the applicants he didn't think was right for the job. He had thus determined that these were the best two. Christine and Daphne were both nervous about doing the interviews but Christine felt sure that since Cody had picked these two then they couldn't go wrong with either one that they picked. They got there at one and went through the paperwork to set up Sharon's scholarship then at two Cody brought in and introduced them to Tim. Cody then left the office leaving them alone with this man. Christine's first impression was that she didn't like this man. He walked in looking every bit like one of those snobby lawyers who thought that he was better than they were. They both asked him questions that they had agreed on before hand and he answered them straightforward without any elaboration. When he had left, Cody brought in a young woman who was a few pounds overweight and her dress was nice but nothing like the expensive suit that Tim had worn. She had a pair of thick glasses that wanted to slip off the end of her nose and she was constantly pushing them back on. Cody introduced her as Tracy and she shook both their hands before sitting in the chair that they had set out for her. The top list sex first thing she did was to get into her bag, pulling out a legal pad and then she pulled an ink pen from somewhere inside her thick shoulder length red hair. Daphne went through the job as they wanted it done and Tracy took notes as Daphne talked. Once Daphne was done and before she and Christine could start asking her questions, Tracy had a few of her own questions as she wanted to make sure that she understood what they were russian teen top list looking for. Then they began to ask the same questions that they had asked Tim but Christine liked the answers that Tracy was giving top list preeteens them. She seemed to want this job and was eager to get started. Once they were done with the questions, Christine had just one more that she just had to ask. "Just where did you grow up? Cody seemed to have left that part of your application out of the file he gave us and I just can't seem to be able to place your accent." Christine asked and Daphne smiled as it appeared that she wanted an answer to that very same question. Tracy smiled pushing her glassed back up on her nose before she answered the question, only this time she didn't use the very precise and unaccented voice that she had been talking to them with, "I grew up tinyteens top list in Arkansas, a small town by the Mississippi River." "So why change your speech pattern?" sex preeten top list Daphne asked. "You can blame my mamma for that." Tracy said smiling again. "Care to explain that." Daphne followed up. "Well my mamma grew up poor as did her mother and her mother before that so she wanted something better for me and that meant education and also how I talked. She wanted me to be educated and sound educated." Tracy said. "But why hide who you are?" Christine asked. "I'm not hiding who I am. When I am with people who I fear will judge me by my country accent, I speak their language and when I'm with my own people I speak theirs. If I had come in here talking as I am now what would have been your first thought?" She asked. "We didn't mean anything by that, I'm sorry." Christine told her. "Oh I know but I hadn't met you and what I knew of you two was what I could research. And that was that you Daphne was born in the UK and your father is a very important person in the banking industry. And you Christine come from money and your family has its fingers in a number of different industries. You both went to a exclusive boarding school so that mean that was a real possibility that you both would be stuck up snobs who just wanted to appear to be doing something good. Although working this summer building houses through me a loop." Tracy told them. "How did you know about that?" Christine asked highly surprised. "I'm a lawyer; maybe not the best or the smartest lawyer around but I do know how to do my research." She told them. "Well I'm impressed." Christine told her. "Don't be, that was actually the easiest thing that I found out about you two." Tracy said with a big smile. "Okay, I'll bite." Daphne finally said. "You both put it on your Face Page that you would be out of touch for the summer as you were helping to build houses." Tracy told them as she gave out a little giggle. "Oh god I forgot all about even russian top list having and Face Page, since I'm been at college, I haven't piss sex top list had time to even look at it." Christine said. "I noticed that too." Tracy told her. "That made it a little harder to get to know who you two were and if you would go through with what you said you would." Tracy told them. "Oh we will." Daphne assured her. Christine then added, "Plus we are setting up a foundation that will be funded from the start so you will be paid from that though we will have some control of the money, we can't fire you without cause that will be defined in the contract that we sign with whomever we decide to hire." "And when will that be?" Tracy asked. "You see I have lots of students loans that I need to start paying back which means I really need to find a job. I hope this schoolgirl top list is the job as this is why I became a lawyer but if not here then I have to get some income coming in soon." "I think we'll make our decision today. Does Cody have your phone number?" Christine asked. "Yes I gave him my cell and home numbers." She told them. "Well I think we have what we need, it was very nice to meet you and..." Christine was saying when Daphne touched her arm. "Why don't you hang around for a bit." Daphne said finishing Christine's sentence. "Thank you both for interviewing me, I do appreciate that." Tracy said as she got up, shaking both their hands before leaving the office. japanese schoolgirls top list Cody came back into his office soon after Tracy left, "So who do you want?" He asked. Christine waited for him to sit behind his large desk before saying, "Well you didn't leave us much of an option now did you old man?" "What do you mean young lady?" He asked in return. "Well you had us interview a man with a world of lollita cp top list experience and a young woman who has never seen a courtroom except in class, who do you think we would choose to get this foundation off the ground?" She asked. "Well I don't know, it isn't my decision to make now is it. My job was to give you the two best qualified people that I could find and I did that. My job is done, now it is your turn to decide." He told them. "But only one of them is really qualified to do what we want done. Now isn't that right?" Daphne asked him. "Yes you are right there. So you've made your decision?" He asked. "Yes we have and now you're going to take us and our new lawyer out to lunch before you and her sit down and draw out the contract." Christine told him and she saw the smile come across his face. "That's who you wanted us to pick the whole time isn't it?" Daphne asked putting him on the spot. "Once you told me what you wanted to do then I went out a found someone with the energy and desire to really help the people you want helped. She was the one that appeared to fit your requirements." He said standing up. "Well pay off her student loans, we don't want her worrying about how she is going to pay them back. We want her to concentrate on the people she's there to help." Daphne told him. "I think we can do that, you have plenty in the foundation to cover the loans easily." Cody told them as they yound top list went to the door. "No Daphne and I will give you the money, the money in the foundation is to pay her salary and whatever expenses she incurs as she does her work." Christine told him. They then went out to the lobby where Tracy was waiting with her cell phone in her hand and her fingers crossed. Daphne and Christine went up to her telling her the good news. She first hugged them both and then started to cry as she tried to tell them that she would do all that she could to make them top list internal cum proud. They then went out with Cody to a nice quiet restaurant where they could talk. Tracy was full of ideas as were Christine and Daphne so Cody ended up just sitting back and listening to the three young women talk. He only added something when asked which wasn't all that often. It was about seven before they left the restaurant in which Tracy thanked them both again and she and Cody made arraignments to meet Monday to draw up the contract for her employment. "Do you think Tracy will work out?" Daphne asked once they were back in Christine's car and heading home. "Yea I do. I think she will be able to connect with the people where Tim would just get what had to be done and get them out of the office. He might be able to serve more people but with his personality would they trust him?" Christine asked. "That was what I was thinking too. She might serve less people but they will trust her. We might even have to think about hiring her some help soon if it works out." Daphne told her. "I didn't think about that. We'll need to tell Cody to monitor that." Christine told her. "I don't know if she will tell him if she gets overwhelmed. Maybe we should stop by from time to time and see for ourselves." Daphne told her. "Point taken, we'll take a trip down there to see her every couple of months to see her. Maybe child porn top list we can visit Rita and her girls while we're at it." Christine told her. "I think we can work that into our schedule." Daphne said reaching over and taking Christine's hand in hers. "At least we got a start on our promise to help those people." Christine told her giving her hand a squeeze as she did so. They talked on the rest of the way back home about what they had started and how they thought that Tracy top lists teen tgp was the right person for the job. But they both knew that because they liked Tracy didn't mean that she could or would do what they wanted her to do. They also talked about how this wasn't ever going to solve all the problems that they saw there but it was a start and they were doing something about it. When they got home, they both went to the bathroom to freshen up before heading to bed where they made love before drifting off to sleep. On Christine's next trip west, Daphne came to pick her up at the airport so Christine wouldn't have to risk renting a car and getting caught. It was also a home game for Stanford so Bonnie and Nora was they early Saturday morning, rousting them out of their warm bed to get ready for the game. Christine was excited about going to the game and also the flag football game before hand. It was another warm beautiful Saturday so it was perfect weather to go to the game. This time Daphne and Christine knew a little more about what they were supposed to be doing and they got to play at different positions other than on the offensive and defensive line. Daphne being tall and lean was asked to play receiver on a few plays and while she did drop the first couple of passes sent her way, she also made a few catches. Christine being a little stocker got to play running back a few times and she even ran over Daphne to score a touchdown which she let Daphne know about more than a few times the rest of the weekend. They visited back and forth a few more times before Thanksgivings rolled around. Since Daphne's family didn't celebrate Thanksgiving as it was an American holiday, she went with Christine to Christine's house. Christine was more than a little nervous about introducing her lover to her parents even though they had no idea that Daphne was more than a friend to her. There arrived late in the evening, long nude pretten top list after Christine's parents were in bed so she was able to put off the introductions until the morning. Christine's room was on the opposite side of the house from her parents, so she was able to have Daphne sleep with her without causing anyone to wonder. "Hey don't... we're in my house, someone might hear us." Christine said as she pushed Daphne's hand away from her pussy as they kissed and cuddled. "You said your parents are on the other side of the house and this is a bloody big house." Daphne said as she rolled Christine onto her back laying on top of her. "Yea but you're loud when you have an orgasm." Christine said just before Daphne kissed her again. "And you're not..." Daphne said as she kissed her again, this time letting her tongue slip into Christine's mouth. Christine could feel her resistance slipping away as she wrapped her arms around Daphne's body. She felt Daphne slip her hands between their bodies moving them up to her breasts. "No..." Christine tried to moan out but she doubted that Daphne could understand what she was saying or cared at this point. And she was fast approaching not caring either as Daphne pinched her nipples. "Oh fuck you..." Christine finally cried our as she grasped Daphne's ass cheeks in her hands. "Sounds like a great idea." Daphne replied as she gave Christine a wink before moving her head down to Christine's breasts. Christine felt Daphne's mouth kiss her left nipple then suck it into her mouth. Christine put her hands on the back of Daphne's head since she couldn't reach her ass anymore. Daphne kissed and sucked on this breast for a moment before going to the right one and doing the same to it. Christine wrapped her legs around Daphne waist rubbing her pussy against her belly smearing her juices there. Daphne pushed her belly down against Christine's pussy making her moan a little as she felt her clit getting some friction against it. Daphne sucked and kissed on those nipples for a moment more before sliding up to give Christine a kiss. Then she slipped all the way down her body. Christine placed her thighs against the sides of Daphne's head placing her heels against her back. She felt Daphne's tongue seek out her pussy and making her moan as she felt that first contact. She had to bite her lower lip to keep from really moaning as Daphne's tongue went up and down her pussy lips then she parted them with her tongue going in deeper. "Oh lick my pussy baby!" Christine cried out without thinking. "Be quieter love," Daphne told her making Christine blush as she remembered where she was. "Sorry," Christine told her then she reached down pushing Daphne's head back to her pussy. She felt her tongue licking between her lips and then begin to tongue fuck her. Christine went back to moaning as she felt her pussy begin asian schoolgirl top list to pulse. And it pulsed more as Daphne's tongue went to her clit licking it first before sucking it into her mouth. Christine put her index finger sex top list illigal into her mouth biting on it as she felt her orgasm take over her body. When she came around, she found that she was looking up at Daphne's pussy which was dripping wet. She had hoped to please Daphne the same way Daphne had done to her but at the same time what she was after was right above her head so she went to it. She grabbed Daphne by her ass cheeks pulling her down and she began to lick. She heard a muffled moan come from Daphne and felt the vibrations as Daphne had her mouth buried in her pussy. Christine licked the juices from Daphne's pussy lips first before going between those lips to get at the fresh juices that she was causing Daphne to make. Christine licked up and down her slit getting in as deep as she could with her tongue. She used her thumb to rub on Daphne's clit as she could tell that she needed to cum all so badly from the amount of juices she was leaking. She let her thumb go around the hard little nub then she would use light then heavier pressure on it. She kept going until she heard Daphne cry out into her pussy and her mouth was flooded with Daphne's girlcum. As she came, Daphne latched onto Christine's clit sucking as hard as she could thus making litle teen top list her ukrainian porn top lists cum too. "See wasn't that fun and just a little naughty making love in your parent's home." Daphne said teasing her a little. "Yes it was." Christine told her giving her a kiss.Then she turned around so that they could spoon as it was way past time to go to bed and the trip had worn them both out. Christine woke up sensing movement in the room. She then realized where she was and was afraid that it was her mother and there she was sleeping with Daphne. She opened her eyes looking first in the bed to find it empty, then she looked up to see Daphne at her dresser brushing her hair with one of her brushes. "I thought you were my mother for a second there." Christine said as she sat up in the bed letting the covers fall to her waist thus revealing her breasts. "I do hope that your mother had you when she was about two and is beautiful or I will be very insulted." Daphne told her. Christine free teen top list laughed at Daphne's russian sex top list dry sense of humor, "Actually she had me when she was thirty five and while I do believe that she is attractive, she could never be considered a beauty queen even in her younger days." "In that case you owe me kiss or I'll never forgive you." Daphne told her. Christine opened her arms to Daphne who came to the bed sitting on the edge. Christine wrapped her arms around her giving her a big kiss. "Am I forgiven?" Christine asked after the kiss. "I believe so but another kiss will ensure that you are forgiven." Daphne told her as she gave her this pensive look. Christine giggled then she pulled Daphne to her giving her a longer more passionate kiss. "How about now?" Christine asked. "Yep, now you're forgiven." Daphne told her and they both laughed and hugged. "Now I would say it's time to go meet the parents. I think I'll wear that new tee shirt that I got at Stanford." Daphne told her. "Which shirt is that?" Christine asked innocently enough. "Oh this one," Daphne said pulling out a hot pink tee shirt showing it to Christine. Christine turned a bright red as the read the words "Lesbian and proud fisting top list of it". "Oh god!" Christine grasped out. Daphne winked at her then she doubled over laughing at her. "I'm going to kill you!" Christine yelled at her, and then she grabbed a pillow off the bed throwing it at Daphne who caught it easily. "Or maybe I'll just wear this one." Daphne said pulling out elsa top list a nice aqua blue sweater. "I think that's a better choice." Christine said as she got out of the bed. "Does it bother you that I haven't come out to my parents yet?" Christine asked when they got into the bathroom that was attached to her bedroom. "No, I haven't told my parents either and I'm not sure when I will. So I can't be mad at you for something I haven't done myself." Daphne told her, giving her a kiss on the cheek which did make Christine feel better. "So tell me about your parents again. I don't want to screw up this morning." Daphne told her and for the first time since they had gotten there, she saw that Daphne was a bit nervous. This she could understand as she was terrified about meeting Daphne's parents which she would do over Christmas break. Christine went over again everything that she thought was important for Daphne to know as they got dressed. Then it was time to go and meet the parents. Christine gave Daphne a kiss on the cheek before leaving the bedroom to make her feel a little better and maybe give herself a confidence boast as she too was nervous about the meeting. They went first to the kitchen where they got a teen tgp top lists sweet roll that had been laid out for them. Then they headed into the sunroom where her mother and father were sitting, with her mother nudist top list talking on the phone and her father was reading some financial papers. Christine went over giving her mother and father a kiss on the cheek then she introduced a nervous Daphne to them. They had to sit down in chairs separated by a few feet apart and Christine could see that Daphne would have rather of sat with her but that wasn't to be. Her mother led the conversation and as she asked Daphne about the UK, Christine's mother had made lots of trips to England so she had lots to talk about. Christine could see Daphne begin to relax as she was baby top list kds talking about something familiar to her. They talked until about one when her mother ushered them out the door, with the things that their cook had prepared the previous day, to go to the annual Thanksgivings family gathering. This gathering was always held at one of her aunt's house. Christine was men fisting top list an only child small tits top list but her father was the oldest of seven children. While he ran the family's businesses, they all had a part in it. That was the one rule that had been set up by her grandfather, if you wanted to benefit from the family's business interests, and then you had to contribute to it. Her aunt had a large house in the country that had a very large dining room so thus she got to hold the gathering. Christine and Daphne piled into the large SUV that her father had and off they went. Christine was able to grasp Daphne's hand as they sat in the back seat but for only a few moments before her mother turned around in her seat to talk. By the time that they got to her aunt's place, there was already a large gathering so there were lots of introductions to be made. Christine and Daphne followed her mother to the kitchen to help with the preparing of the food. Daphne helped Christine with what she was assigned to do by her aunt who was in charge of the Thanksgiving feast. At exactly three PM, everyone sat down to eat. The adults were seated at the long dining room table and the children seated at a number of small tables positioned around the room. Once the dinner was completed and the children were sent off to burn off all the food and deserts that they had eaten, Christine's father gave his annual state of the family speech. Daphne was going to leave since she wasn't a part of the family so it wasn't any of her business however Christine wanted her to stay. She wanted Daphne to know just what all the family was into and just what their net worth was. The recession had hurt them but being as diverse as they were, they had recovered rather quickly and now it was just a matter of riding it out until the world economy recovered and started to grow again. After the dinner speeches, they all broke up into their own groups and Christine and Daphne was free to move about. Christine made sure to introduce Daphne to her favorite aunts, uncles and cousins. "So what did you think of my family?" Christine asked as they freshen up in Christine's bathroom late that night. "I like them..." Daphne was saying when she hesitated teensex top list for a second, "Expect for your Aunt Betty, she's a..." where she stopped herself. "A royal bitch." Christine said teen top list cp finishing Daphne's sentence for her. Daphne laughed, "I was trying to find a nicer word but yea that about fits her." "Baby, there are no nice words for her. She is a bitch and even my father says she was one growing up. Only he calls her a spoiled bitch." Christine said laughing. "The weird part is that her daughter Allison is as sweet as she can be. You'd think with a mother like that, she would turn out just like her but I think she got her father's genes thank goodness." "Allison is her daughter?" Daphne asked giving her a questioning and a very surprised look. "Yea, I didn't I tell you that when I introduced her to you." Christine asked. "No, we talked mostly about school and our summer building houses." Daphne told her. "Oh yea, I do love Allison but I hate her mother." Christine told her. "I can understand that." Daphne replied. "What about mom and dad?" Christine asked. "I like them too; your mom is real nice, very down to earth." Daphne told her then she quickly added, "And your father is great too." Christine smiled, "Yeah, they are pretty good parents for the most part." "I do have one question though." Daphne said. "What?" Christine asked. "Well it's more of a thought than a question. It is just weird that your bitch of an aunt raised a very nice daughter and your nice parents raised a bitch of a daughter." Daphne said then she burst out laughing. And she also took off out of the bathroom as Christine grabbed her hair brush raising it to throw it at her. "You are so going to die." Christine yelled at her as she rushed out of the bathroom. "Give it to me love." Daphne said as she landed on her back on the b